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Here we are #1

Hihello and welcome! It's the end of a week that started out as completely ordinary, but ended with extraordinary flare. The smoke from the emotional fireworks extravaganza is still settling so bare with me as I rub my eyes and slowly stumble out of the fog. Here's what happened. I became an aunt this week to the most perfect little baby boy who is currently swaddled and sleeping on my sister's chest halfway around the world. Also, I went back to therapy. The awareness of everything I've been avoiding and everything I've ever wanted collided violently within the same 24-hour period and clearly I was not prepared for it. Manic depression. That might be the best way to sum up my week. No, I did not receive a diagnosis but let me tell you the mental slingshotting this week was truly wild. I still kind of feel like I'm stuck far away, orbiting some giant planet like Saturn or Uranus or whatever.

But it's Sunday so I'm coming back down to earth to bake cookies, clean out my closet and watch some tennis. I might shoot right back up there afterwards. We'll see how the day goes. Here's some things from this week:

Aforementioned closet cleaning. Trying out this technique today

And said cookies

If one batch just isn't enough, I'm making these too

I look forward to bingeing the Vows section every week. I really really needed it this week.

I relate to this bonkers highway.

A dreamy bedroom. The beams!

Literally me all week just trying to stay moving.

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